Final Reflections

Closing in on the end of a semester always prompts a bit of reflection, and this time is no different— in some ways, the need to write it all down in this blog has made it even more important. Though I’ve mentioned it before, the end of my first term in grad school feels like a momentous milestone, and I’m proud of the work I’ve put in thus far. I’m also looking forward to the future.

            Much of what I learned in LIS 6010 is rather untenable, abstract, which makes it difficult to convey, but I’ll do my best. What I appreciated most was coming to terms with the fact that I do want to be a librarian, and that many of the basic ideals and ethics are already part of my personal perspective. It seems like a small thing, but for somebody who spent years going back and forth in majors and goals as an undergrad, to know that I’ve made the right decision, that this field really does offer everything I thought it would— well, it’s a welcome relief.

            Another thing I learned this semester was how to connect to my colleagues. When the group project was first assigned, I expected it to be like any other group project I’ve been a part of: possibly bearable, possibly tedious, probably including at least one member who wouldn’t pull the weight or another who was resistant to any ideas but their own. To my complete and utter surprise, what I discovered instead was a support system. The group blogging project didn’t truly require as much contact and collaboration as my group and I maintained, and yet we all found ourselves sharing things that had nothing to do with the assignment. We discussed other classes and potential schedules, library news and interesting links, and personal triumphs and struggles. We made each other laugh, gave each other encouragement and thanks, and created an environment that I felt blessed to be part of. If I am lucky enough in my future career to have colleagues as absolutely fantastic as my classmates were, then it will exceed my wildest expectations. I’m grateful to have gotten to experience true collaboration for the first time in my academic career.

            As I mentioned in my mid-semester analysis, I found the Think Tanks to be fascinating, and that continued through the end of the class. To engage in thoughtful discussion on topics that we each had a genuine interest in whirled my brain into life, and I found myself contemplating new ideas in unexpected ways. I liked the way that the give-and-take nature of the forums prompted me to be bolder and voice my opinions definitively while still keeping an open mind. My tendency toward deep discussion was not only satisfied, but I think it gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my thoughtful nature and logical approach to life, which I feel would be beneficial in any work place.

            Even the struggles of the semester— a certain library visit that I had to reschedule three times comes to mind— taught me something and in hindsight, I wouldn’t change any of the things I experienced this fall, even the difficult ones. I know now that I’m in the right place, at the right time, and that’s the sort of peace that is hard won and amazingly comforting. And, as always, I’m looking forward to whatever the future holds.

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